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Is She A Kid - Or Is She Kidding? [userpic]


Helen [userpic]

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Helen [userpic]

As a proud member of the working mother/latch key kid generation, I have come to realize that I may not be the only one who credits many-a-90’s film/television installment with shaping my personality more than my actual DNA-sharing tribe. I’m willing to bet my over-enthusiastic childhood Troll Doll collection that my own parents would agree I was convinced I was a lot more like Buffy Summers/Angela Chase/Lydia Deets/Daria than what one time-wasting scientist might predict for the typical offspring of a figure skating coach and a software designer.

Though I’d like to believe that the tutelage stemming from these classics had a positive effect on me, no one – and I mean absolutely NO ONE – benefited from the devastatingly irreversible fashion choices made by yours truly during the high school era of my life cycle under the influence of such cinematic girl power. Going to school in South Florida sporting leather pants from The GAP will demonstratively not get you made out with. Thanks a lot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Read more...Collapse )

Helen [userpic]

You can spot her a few times, in the cat cafe and when they're singing karaoke (there is even one shot of Shannon singing).

Is She A Kid - Or Is She Kidding? [userpic]

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@katyperry ... Just hanging @ the cat cafe in tokyo w/my besties @miamoretti & @shannonwoodward 


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Andrew Garfield & Shannon Woodward: Capo Couple

Andrew Garfield leaves Capo after having dinner with girlfriend Shannon Woodward on Friday (April 1) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 27-year-old hopped in the passenger’s seat of Shannon’s car after dining at the Italian restaurant.

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Is She A Kid - Or Is She Kidding? [userpic]

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Mirren a 'huge' Raising Hope fan

Dame Helen Mirren is apparently a big fan of the TV comedy Raising Hope
"She's a huge fan," Martha Plimpton, who plays young grandma Virginia on the show, revealed.

"Helen, come be on the show. Do an arc!" she pleaded before a special Q&A with fans at the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills.

"Both Shannon and I have run into her separately," the actress said of her and co-star Shannon Woodward's meetings with one of Britain's biggest stars.

Martha explained: "I worked with her years ago and she couldn't be a nicer, kinder woman always and she says she loves the show, she says she watches it."

"I was very pleased," she admitted. "I was very gratified, she says she thought it was hilarious."
Shannon's meeting could have happened at this year's Academy Awards, where she hit the red carpet as the plus one of her long-term boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

"She saw Shannon and said the same thing. I think we've gotta try to get her on," Martha said.
Raising Hope is on Sky 1 HD every Friday.


Jaime Pressly, Ethan Suplee, an alpaca to guest star on ‘Raising Hope’

There are two things Raising Hope has done exceptionally well this season: utilize guest stars and supporting players to the best of their comedic ability and breathe new life into the idea of flashbacks as a story-telling device. And before the season is over, series showrunner Greg Garcia promises much more of both of those things!

First and foremost, Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee (two more My Name is Earl alumns!) will guest star as a couple down the street from the Chances whom Burt (Garret Dillahunt) and Virginia (Martha Plimpton) decide to offer counseling.

"They have a little bit of problems, and we decide to help them out. Not that they ask or maybe even need us!" Dillahunt laughed.

Dillahunt spent a lot of time with us on the PaleyFest pressline talking about how Pressly would not stop kissing him-- which maybe wasn’t even in the script-- but when after he got all the giddiness of working with her out of his system, he added that working with her was really great because she’s “really classy and really funny.”

“I don’t want to say she’s underrated as an actress, but underappreciated maybe,” he continued. “She’s really, really good.”

And of course we will see the returns of such beloved characters like Cousin Mike (Skyler Stone), Dancin’ Dan (Dan Coscino), Shelley (Kate Micucci), and even Lucy (Bijou Phillips)-- all in one episode! The season finale is set to be super star-studded as it takes a look back at some very special events of five years prior, spending almost all twenty-two moments in flashback. We even get to see the origins of Dan's roller blading, Lucy's homicidal tendencies, and Shelley's dead tooth.

“It’s a lot of fun…I’m glad they let us do it, and I’m glad they let the audience in on the joke that it’s ridiculous that I look the same when I was seventeen,” Dillahunt shared.

Well, the same except with some crazy hair!

But in the season finale, it will actually be Jimmy (Lucas Neff) who has the crazy look as a teenager his parents had become somewhat afraid of because of the “phase” through which he was going. We won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say those Goth kids on South Park have nothing on Jimmy Chance!

There will be some revelations in the Jimmy/Sabrina relationship, as well. We asked Neff if Jimmy would ever put his feelings for her aside and try to get out there in the dating game, and though he played a bit coy, he said that we would have that answer by the end of season one.

“Does it ever go well for Jimmy, [though]?” He laughed.

Well, if only he was willing to regress a bit and pull out his old “look” of five years ago because it turns out it was something Sabrina was really into! Then again she was going through a phase of her own: one that included a deep lisp because of wearing braces.

“It was kind of ridiculous,” Shannon Woodward laughed. “They put these fake braces in my mouth, and the lisp was just automatic. I became someone else.”

Clearly that was a season highlight for Woodward, but for Dillahunt? One of his favorite moments was working with an alpaca with which he got into a spitting contest. Well, watching the scene was a highlight, but working on it wasn’t exactly as fun. You know, considering he was having an animal spit on his face continuously.

And for Neff, watching the relationship with Jimmy and his on-screen parents get explored has been his favorite discovery: “Learning Jimmy’s real relationship to his parents Burt and Virginia and learning, I think, what upsets him and where he can have fun was a big part. A good part of a show is when you can have fun with a character. Jimmy is such a big ball of nerves, it’s fun to ease up and have fun in some episodes and not be the guy who’s freaking out and eating his own eyebrow.”

In the beginning, after all, Jimmy was just a kid in over his head, but he has really grown and evolved, and at some points even matured past the points his parents were. He is coming into his own, much like Neff has a new Hollywood citizen!

Source + Video of Lucas talking about RS

Is She A Kid - Or Is She Kidding? [userpic]

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Is She A Kid - Or Is She Kidding? [userpic]

Raising Hope (Tuesdays, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, FOX) is continuing its demented storylines with Jimmy (Lucas Neff) looking for the right guardian for his daughter should something happen to him.



Who does he settle on? Sabrina (Shannon Woodward); the local checkout clerk, Woodward tells HollywoodOutbreak.com.


“After reviewing the people in his life he kind of realizes that Sabrina should be at the top of the list.” Woodward explains. “He puts her at the top of the list and then tells her after the fact. She gets a little phobic about the idea of having to take care of a baby. She starts freaking out about ridiculous stuff like hawks swooping down and taking the baby.”


For some reason, that leads to the characters ending up in an attic, with Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) taking shots at them through the roof with a shotgun. And like everyone else on the series, Woodward is ever amused by Leachman’s quirky behavior.




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